Curriculum Concept

The school adopts the“Story Approach to Integrated Learning” as the main teaching strategy. The theory integrates stories, explorations and learning by providing a variety of learning content and activities connected to interesting stories.  Children can acquire rich knowledge as well as enhancement in their affection and social skills, cognition, language and physical developments.  

We also make good use of extended project learning activities to inspire multiple intelligences and creative thinking among children in a joyful and relaxed environment. We strive to instill children with good characters and values, i.e. joy, confidence, health and kindness.  As we uphold the love of  God, children learn to love and be loved. They will learn to love themselves, their family, the community and nature.

  • Cheerful Children

“Rejoice in the Lord always”(Thessalonians 5:16)  The school incorporates the celebration of Chinese and Western festivals as well as seasonal activities into children’s learning journey. Children express their love and gratitude towards family members, the community and themselves during different festive events and experience the beauty of loving others as loving themselves.

Confident Children

Children learn discipline and respect in different group activities. These groups activities also provide good grounds for children to develop their social skills. They learn to work with others, experience team spirit and realize the importance of cooperation. They develop a strong sense of belonging and responsibility. We strive to build confident children with bravery and perseverance for their future endeavors.   

  • Kind Children

Early childhood is the crucial period to lay the foundation for children’s moral development. We have a group of loving, dedicated professional teachers who  are committed to cultivating children’s moral character, positive values and positive attitudes. We also encourage children to practice perseverance, care and responsibility. Young children experience and practice good morals through daily learning filled with interpersonal interactions and different community visits .

  • Healthy Children

Being healthy children is more than having good bodies and staying away from diseases; children must also be physically and mentally happy and enjoy a good social life. Physical activities not only promote muscle and bone development in children, enhances cardiorespiratory endurance and prevents chronic diseases, but also help children establish self-confidence and self-worth, and enhance their will and perseverance.

The school designs a variety of physical activities according to different story themes to help children of different ages develop strong physical fitness, build interest in participating in physical activity, and develop good living habits.

 The body and the brain are a whole. Balanced and healthy physiological conditions are the prerequisites to a clever brain. We recognize the importance of whole brain development in nurturing the healthy growth of children. By utilizing children’s developmental characteristics, such as their keen interest in moving around, experimenting and learning, and incorporating both brain and gym exercise and healthy diet into the daily schedule, we aim to help children establish ideal habits to ensure healthy brain and body development.

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