Curriculum and School Features


Story Approach to Integrated Learning (SAIL):
By employing diverse activities based on children’s real life experience and interests, students can explore through a series of learning activities, foster their positive values and attitudes, develop skills and expand knowledge.


English Drama Course:

Allow students to practice their English communication skills and enhance their self-confidence as well as sense of achievement through English drama and games with Native-speaking English (NET) teachers. 


Outdoor Physical Fitness Activities:

Our rooftop physical fitness playground allows students to enjoy outdoor activities every day to foster their body development.



Green Life Education:

Students are given opportunities to plant different botanic with organic fertilizer made from food waste, and share organic fruits in the “Rooftop Life Garden”. They can learn how to appreciate the beauty of nature and life and develop an attitude of cherishing.


Nutritious Meals:

We have an independent kitchen, nutritionist as consultant and a team to prepare nutritious meals for students. Chefs cook seasonal food and encourage students to have a balanced diet and develop healthy eating habits.


Little Angel Service:

To support parents’ needs, our staff and parent volunteers provide pick up service at the school lobby when students arrive or leave the campus.



On-campus Social Work Service:

Our stationed social workers provide consultation, referral and professional counseling services. 



International Safe School:

We have been accredited as International Safe Schools and are designated as members of the International Safe Schools Network of World Health Organization with safety and health as the first priority.



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 Theme :Body

 Theme :Growth, Self-care

 Theme :Winter,Food

 Theme :Caring Family

 Theme :Animal

Theme :Plant

Theme :People Who Help Us, Environmental Protection

Theme :Summer

 Theme ︰Recognize Emotions

 Theme ︰Healthy Eating Habits

 Theme ︰Ocean

 Theme ︰Birds

Theme ︰People Who Help Us

 Theme :Water and Fire

 Theme :Transportation

 Theme ︰Stamps

Theme ︰Time Management

Theme ︰Different Countries

Theme ︰Marine life

Theme ︰Insect

Theme ︰Climate

Theme ︰ Community

Theme ︰ Money

Theme ︰ Graduation

We encourage children to extend their interest in learning English through English drama. The school has held the “Summer English Drama” in August 2022. In the activity, children can inspire their desire to perform and express themselves. We hope that students will improve their English conversation skills and increase their self-confidence in the activities.

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